Philip Melugin Explains What Makes
Phoenix Home Care Unique

Philip Melugin started Phoenix Home Care in 2011. In the short time since its inception, Philip Melugin ’s initial vision has grown into a highly successful home health business with more than 700 employees and annual earnings of $19 million. Here, Philip Melugin answers questions about what makes Phoenix Home Care stand out in a crowd of home health organizations.

Q: Prior to starting Phoenix Home Care, you had a long career in home health management. Do you believe these decades of experience shape the way you lead today?

Philip Melugin: Definitely. Not only have I worked in the healthcare industry for my entire career, in recent years I’ve served on several advisory boards and even as president of an industry association. This has given me an in-depth perception of our industry that shapes my management style today.

Q: Your management team speaks of Christ-like moral values. Is this something you instill in your workers, as well?

Philip Melugin: We believe that in an industry like ours, where our clients are trusting us with home-based personal care, it’s important to carefully screen each employee and train our staff in the importance of upholding high standards of both quality and values in everything we do.

Q: When you talk about “core values,” is this something you have outlined in black and white for your employees?

Philip Melugin: Our beliefs are listed on our website, actually. We stress the core beliefs that we believe provide the pillars for our society, and those are compassion, honesty, and patience.

Q: What does “plus one” service mean?

Philip Melugin: “Plus one” service simply refers to the belief that you always exceed the standards set forth by our industry. We should go above and beyond those expectations.

Q: You also emphasize ‘empathy’ with your staff. Isn’t this a given in healthcare?

Philip Melugin: One would hope, but I feel it’s always important to stress the importance of treating each patient as if he or she were your own loved one. We instruct our workers to ask, ‘How would I want to be treated if this were me?’

Q: Your mission statement talks about new beginnings. Can you explain that a bit more?

Philip Melugin: The phoenix symbolizes rebirth and renewal, which is why I feel it’s the perfect name for a home health care company. We strive to improve quality of life for our clients through rehabilitation, therapy, and medical care.

Philip Melugin holds a Masters of Education from Wichita State University. A former vocational counselor, Melugin formerly served as president of Integrity Home Care and assistant vice president of Oxford Health Care.

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